BDSM Tutorial

Ball Tie
The ball tie is a compact tie that will make your partner feel all compressed and safe, yet unable to escape.  It is a comfortable tie, and she should be able to stay in it for quite a while.

 Breast Harness
A good breast harness is an important part of rope bondage. In addition to its esthetic values, it can be attached to an overhead support, and can keep your captive from falling if they should pass out.

Barbara Behr Football Tie
 This is a compact tie, but less strenuous than a standard ball tie, and it provides good access.

Hojojutsu Cock Bondage
Hojojutsu is the ancient Japanese art of restraining prisoners with rope. They generally did not use knots, because it was considered very embarrassing for someone who had not been convicted to be tied with knots.  Instead, they used a lot of chain-stitching, which brought with it an additional benefit: when it was time to release the prisoner, all then had to do was undo the end of the rope and pull, and the whole tie would undo itself.

Marling-Hitch CBT
Marling hitches are used on sailboats to fasten a furled sail to a boom when it is not in use.  They are a series of overhand knots that spread the pressure along the length of the sail. In rope bondage, we use them to fasten arms to the backs of chairs, and things like that. But they also work nicely for CBT. They are sort of like a gates of Hell, but made of rope.  And they always fit.  No more will you have the embarrassment of trying to wear a gates of Hell designed for someone with a larger cock, or the pain of wearing one designed for someone with a smaller cock.

Chainstiching Rope for Storage
This is how climbers store their ropes.  It is basically the same stitch used to fasten the tops of potato bags and feed bags.  To chain-stitch a rope, put the two ends of the rope together and lay them across your right palm, pointing in the direction of your thumb.